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Consultation focus group - Academics and Students

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The first of the consultation focus groups will be held on 7 September and is aimed at academic users and custodians of business records. The seminar will be an opportunity to find out more about this developing strategy and to take an active role in ensuring that it incorporates the needs of academics and students as well as those of businesses, archivists and users.

The seminar "Towards a Business Archives Strategy for Scotland" will be held at the Centre for Business History, Seminar room 201, Lilybank House, University of Glasgow on Monday 7 September 2009 between 2-4pm.

Please email if you wish to attend by Wednesday 2 September.

If you would like to publicise the event please print and display this leaflet.


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This blog will provide information about the development of a National Strategy for Business Archives in Scotland. It will also be used to provide general updates about Business Archives in Scotland.

This blog is written by Kiara King, the Ballast Trust archivist. Updates on the Data Mapping Project are written by Cheryl Brown, project officer.


The Business Archives Strategy for Scotland was published in August, read it here. Keep an eye on the blog for more news about business archives and the strategy's implementation.

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